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Community Involvement Program

What is CIP?
CIP projects are student initiated, student-led projects with faculty or staff serving as advisors, that fulfill a need in the community. Robert College has been running CIP projects since 2006. RC students must complete at least 75 hours of social service work in order to receive their diploma. More than a third of all RC students do more than the required. CIP is not volunteer work but is part of their education; a formative experience they will never forget.

CIP makes a difference!

CIP changes our students. CIP is education beyond academics. Students face real problems and try to deal with them constructively. They thus develop communication, problem solving and business skills that they will need in their professional and personal lives. They develop a sense of responsibility to others. RC students often are leaders in their fields after they graduate and we want to start them on the path to becoming socially responsible active citizens.

Robert College gratefully acknowledges Bank of America Merrill Lynch for supporting the Curriculum Creation Program for Community Involvement Projects.

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