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Commemoration of Atatürk

Commemoration of Atatürk

​​​Robert College gathered to respectfully commemorate Atatürk on November 10.

The memorial program was organized by the November 10 Ceremony Committee and presented by students. Different aspects of Atatürk were highlighted. In addition to his qualities as a great commander, powerful statesman, determined reformist and a unique political genius, the initiatives that he led were explored, and with an attempt to understand the thinking behind these decisions as well as his personal traits.  

As part of the commemoration week activities, Nuri Çolakoğlu RA 62 spoke to students on November 8, sharing headlines from his book
Atatürk Dünya Basında (Atatürk in World Media), which is a compilation of articles published by the international press after Atatürk's death.   

​Robert College thanks the members of the student-formed National Values Committee for their valuable contribution to the ceremony, and RC teachers for their efforts in organizing the event.​

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