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RC Celebrates World Languages

RC Celebrates World Languages

​​​Students and faculty celebrated world languages on Thursday, April 27 with a variety of entertaining activities.  The program, organized by the Foreign Languages Department, was a fun opportunity for people to practice their language skills outside the classroom.

During the morning break, students did karaoke to French and German songs, while munching on culinary treats from around the world at the bake sale.

At lunchtime, student concerts gave the audience a chance to travel to France, Spain, Germany and Sweden through music.
  In the cafeteria diners enjoyed a special menu with Japanese, French and German fare.

In Marble Hall, people tested their language skills by matching idioms in Turkish, English, French and German, and guessing which
language selected phrases were written in. Throughout the day, Radyo Robert featured a playlist of German, French, Spanish, Greek and Italian songs.



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