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Music on Mondays

Music on Mondays

​​​​​​​​Music on Mondays is a performance platform for students and teachers to showcase their musical talents. The series is the brainchild of Art Department Head Merril Hope-Brown, who said, "Music on Mondays is an idea to get more RC people performing and more people listening to live music as part of their 'ordinary' day. Lunchtime concerts previously have been a bit too long for teachers and students to commit to the whole performance because they have lessons to go to. The Music on Mondays performances are just fifteen minutes, so everyone has enough time to eat lunch and stay to hear it all."

The most recent performance, on May 22, was given by ​Hazal Odabaşı ​L11 (drums), Sergen Çotak L11 (guitar) and teacher Deniz Baysal (keyboards). Previous concerts were performed by Lise 10 guitarist Hakan Akbulut, Lise 10 duo İdil Özenel on vocals and Mert Orkun Temeltaş on guitar, ​Lise 10 pianist Alper Güneş, Lise 10 duo Özüm Sabiha Pamukç​u on vocals and Mehmet Tü​fek on guitar, pianist Arman ​Yağcı L11, Lise 12 guitarists Tunçkan Mengücek and Berke Can Agagündüz, physics teacher Cem Pulathaneli on guitar and harmonica, and Lise 12 pianist Ada Ciğeroglu, who played Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 8 in C minor  “Pathetique”.​ Last year's performers included teachers as well as students from 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade. Music on Mondays takes place in the Faculty Parlour, Marble Hall, at​ 11.50 and 13.20.  


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