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11th Annual RCIMUN

11th Annual RCIMUN

​​​Nearly 700 students from 55 schools around Turkey and Europe discussed topics of global importance during the 11th annual RC International Model United Nations (RCIMUN), on April 4-8.

With the theme of, "Water: The Fundamental Source of Life, Wealth and Conflict", t​he conference opened with a keynote speech by Yuriko Shoji, Subregional Coordinator for Central Asia of the United Nations' Food and Agricultural Organization. A variety of topics were discussed in committees throughout the week including resolutions for areas of conflict, protection of water resources and marine life, and promoting hydroelectric energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Organized completely by students, RCIMUN provides an evironment where students can discuss and debate about global issues. During the five-day conference, participants gained insights into these issues through discussions and presentations by guest speakers.

One of the highlights of this year's conference was the collaboration between RC students and students from Mardin Fen Lisesi, as part of an MUN community involvement project. Eight students from Mardin Fen Lisesi represented the Chad and Phillippines delegations during the conference. The Mardin Fen students also worked with RC students on the conference preparations.​



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