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RC Theatre Company Seniors Stage The Cut

RC Theatre Company Seniors Stage The Cut

RC Theatre Company Seniors performed Mark Ravenhill's 2006 dystopian work The Cut on February 22 and 23 in Suna Kıraç Theatre.  

The play begins with a government doctor (played by Roza Mizrak), reluctantly administering "the cut"- an ambiguous traditional ritual that
offers freedom in darkness and release from society and history, which deeply disturbs her – at the request of a patient (played by Fulya Deniz Dal). The next scene is an excruciating dialogue between the doctor and her husband (played by Ali Cataltepe); the doctor tries to discuss intimacy in their relationship while the husband keeps bringing the conversation back to their daughter, food and the Cut. The final scene is a near epilogue between the doctor, now in prison, where she asks for punishment from her sins from her daughter (played by Elif Coşkun), though it's clear she has punished herself psychologically for a long time for having this occupation.

The performers were lauded for their intense performance and their expert handling of speech dynamics in a very challenging play which leads to more questions than answers. Several conversations overlapped abrasively, showing the disconnect between one another, their being "cut off" so to speak. Mizrak was on stage for the entire performance and demonstrated tremendous range and emotional depth. 


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