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World Philosophy Day Celebrations

World Philosophy Day Celebrations
​​​​Robert College held an event on October 30 in honor of World Philosophy Day, which has been celebrated around the world​ on the third Thursday in November since 1946. As in recent years, the school hosted the celebration and organized it together with the Istanbul High Schools Philosophy Platform, and with the support of the Turkey Philosophy Foundation. In order to draw attention to the function of philosophy, this year’s theme, “Science, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence”, looked at the following topics: the creation of solutions with an intellectual dimension for people and societies, finding foresights into the future, questioning values and creating new values.
After the opening speeches in the Suna Kıraç Theatre, the 350 students from 35 high schools discussed the topic in moderator-led sessions using visual and written data. The students came to a variety of conclusions about the technical, political, ethical, economic and environmental effects of artificial intelligence.

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